Why Not Make It Three??? Or maybe FOUR?!?!? Or just MAYBE FIVE!!!!!


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Apr 18, 2007
Well, after our last trip that concluded on January 7, 2019 we did not have anything planned until a very tenative trip in the summer of 2020. That was good, right? We got home and either while we were gone or just after, free dining was announced FOR THE SUMMER!!!! There is NEVER free dining in the summer!!!! But I said no, we were sticking to our plan of 2020. Until I could say no no more!

So i just had my online travel agent, Wendy, just see what was available. You know, just to check. She got back to me with pricing and, well, I couldn't tell her no. So a new trip was born. See Skyler was taking Honors Physics and Driver's Ed over the summer. And there was Varsity Poms practice and Badminton practice. BUT, all of that (except Badminton) was done at 11:55am on Friday July 26, 2019...so the trip was fit right in between obligations!

We would pick Skyler up from Physics at 11:55am on July 26th and be on our way!

And then I started thinking about that summer of 202 trip...well, if we got an Annual Pass this time, it would still be valid for the dates we were planning next summer...AND if we do get an Annual Pass we could throw in a trip at Christmas again...because in fine Disney Math, we'd be saving money!

Now this did not all come about all at once...it came in stages.

First I booked the Summer 2019 trip, then the Christmas trip, then extended the Christmas trip when i realized what days of the wee the holidays were on and how the work schedule would be affected by them, and then Skyler's Choir DIrector decided they were going to do DIsney in June 2020. So I figured I needed something booked for that...so I booked out June 2020 trip and of course, his dates are before ours and while I am not fond of her traveling that far without me, I think we will leave it and she will come home with them and leave the next day with us...she's good with that! And his trip is not approved yet and he does not have exact costs yet so it is still up in the air!

So that's quite an intro to say...WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD THREE TIMES IN THE NEXT YEAR!!!! And believe me, if I could fathom a weekend (ish) that consisted mostly of driving, it would be more!


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Apr 18, 2007
So what's up for the one coming up IN 9 DAYS!?!?!?!

Who :

Me/Sherry/Mom/Significant Other...I am 48 years old and work from home for a recently sold off billing and collection department of a major hospital system in the Chicagoland area. I work with insurance companies all day in front of a computer...see my need to get out??? I am the planner and other than a few suggestions here and there, they do what i plan. I love the Deluxe Dining Plan and long trips but I have found that it is not necessary all the time. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite park and since we have been there so many times, I don't feel like we have to do it all all the time. There won't be many pictures of me because I am the one usually behind the camera and I am not find of my picture being taken and usually there is someone else in the pictures with me. I am on the shy side until I get to know someone so the other three help me get along.

Cary/"Step" Dad/Significant Other...He is 45 years old and works as a lead in a warehouse. He had never been to Disney (or much of anywhere) before he met us. He has his opinions but pretty much knows I keep up on what's happening so he does not have to. He likes to eat but hesitates on the dining plan...then loves it when he does not have to watch what he's spending and can order as he wants to. His current favorite park is Animal Kingdom because he loves Flight of Passage but I can see that changing when the Star Wars section is open. He is a villain, Marvel, Star Wars fan. Skyler has him wrapped around her little finger and he and Tyler fight like brothers...both drive me crazy! He has no filter so we have to watch him in some situations but usually he is just a big goofball.

Tyler/Son/Brother...he is 20 years old and an Assistant Manager at a local Little Caesars. He attends a junior college mostly full time but even though he graduated high school Cum Laude after taking all Honors and AP classes for four years, school is not his favorite thing and he has struggled a bit...which I never thought would happen! He loves elephants and going to the latest park open for EMH by himself and doing what ever he wants. He also collects Pokemon so that is always happening while we're there. He loves the Deluxe Dining Plan because he can have steak for every meal if he wants to. He is a sort of picky eater but has been getting better. He has been very into Supernatural, Doctor Who, Stranger Things...but generally is a gamer and a binge watcher of Netflix shows. I'm not sure he has a clue what he wants to be when he grows up and never really has...I think he'd be happy living in my basement for the rest of his life!

Skyler/Daughter/Sister...she is 15 years old. She is going to be a sophomore, she is a competitive dancer, a Concert Choir member, a Steeltones member (their version of show choir), a Varsity Poms member, is on the Badminton team, was in the Spring Musical last year (Sister Act as the oldest nun and the dance captain), and she and a friend just got approval to start an Orchesis at school for the very first time ever! For the past 8 years she has performed in a production of The Nutcracker that consumes all her weekends from mid-August until the first week of December...two of those years she was Clara! She helps dance classes one day a week for the little dancers too! She is in all honors and AP classes. She wants to be a brain surgeon and a Broadway performer. She can't wait to be able to drive (class is over but she has two more drives left and then waiting until April 2020 to be able to get her license) and to get a job...where she thinks she is going to fit a job in her schedule, I do not know! She loves Ariel and Olaf but her first love is a chicken names Chichi...and he is very jealous of her love of Olaf. She'd have a hard time choosing a favorite part but really liked Epcot a lot.

Ok...so enough of that...they have changed so much!

WHAT : Vacation, of course!

WHERE & WHEN : Well I booked the Disney portion and then remembered I'd go crazy waiting to leave when there was no reason to wait to leave... so...

Double Tree Suites - Disney Springs from July 27, 2019 through July 29, 2019.
Pop Century Standard view from July 29, 2019 through August 2, 2019...I requested to be facing Hourglass Lake in the 60s or 70s...although 50s wouldn't be bad either!
Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace from August 2, 2019 through August 3, 2019

We are actually excited about seeing the two non-Disney hotels. Disney is starting to price us out! We used to be able to stay moderate or deluxe here and there but now we're paying close to what we used to be able to get moderates for (sometimes even more) and close to a discounted deluxe in some time frames. I realize "everything goes up" but I feel like Disney is raising prices enormously and at the same time taking away benefits of staying on property...which is what made their higher prices for rooms that are not always comparable to other chains in their status seem worth it before. So, we are using this trip to see how it feels to be at Disney but slightly outside the bubble.

HOW: We're driving again! We have driven a few times recently. Flights form Chicago to Orlando do not get very cheap and with the way airlines cancel and change flights in advance of a storm these days, I don't want to take a chance my vacation is on hold due to no fault of my own. Plus we just bought a Town & Country a few months ago so everyone should have a nice ride down. We will leave Joliet at 11:55am and drive straight through arriving at Double Tree early in the morning.

So there you have it...our first of three trips in a nut shell...
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Apr 18, 2007
Magic Bands!!!

So when the new discounted Magic Bands came out that you could purchase for $10.00 we were thrilled. I would never buy one for the price they cost normally but $10.00 I could do. So I was on within an hour of the first posting i saw and guess what? Yep, none available.

No big deal, we're good with solid colors for free too.

But then I saw it mentioned again and I was within 20 minutes of the post being posted...so I tried again...hopeful I'd be able to snag them this time.

Here's what we ended up with...

We all had a few we wanted and the only one available was Cary's first choice of Darth Vader...so he was happy.

I ordered them and three days later they arrived. I was pretty impressed after some of the horror stories I had heard of from others about orders saying they went through but didn't, being charged for the special ones but receiving the plain ones, etc...

We also received these luggage tags...

We are not fond of the new Mickey cartoons (and are very upset that they took away The Great Movie Ride but especially upset that this is the basis of what is going in there!) bit they tags are cute. WHY can't they pick four different ones though? I mean, are you telling me that they don't have at least four different pictures on the tags?


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Apr 18, 2007
Jealous of three trips in a year, but eagerly following along to live vicariously through you. Have you though about decorating your own bands? It's really fun! We have a thread here, and all levels of skill are represented:

DIY Decorated Magic Band Photos
We have thought about it!!! We have thought about just buying skins, painting, tattoos, stickers, and gems...we just have not DONE it yet! Skye and I just might have to take a look there and see what we can do...you know, in all her free time! LOL


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Apr 18, 2007
So what is the plan???

Well, as I said before, we are picking up Skyler from her Honors Physics final at 11:55am and heading south. It is about a 17 hour drive, throw in gas stops and potty breaks and we should be arriving at the Double Tree around 7am ish. We are driving south though Illinois to avoid Indianapolis at rush hour on a Friday and as long as we are around Atlanta any time other than rush hour (which is a huge span of time unfortunately!) we should make good time.

We plan to swim and visit Disney Springs for the first two days. Hang out, relax...which we never seem to get to do much of on vacation. We have ADRs at Planet Hollywood and T-Rex for those two days. Not sure if we are keeping Planet Hollywood or not...we booked it because last time the food was good and MILKSHAKES....but looking at the menu, it does not look like they serve the crazy milkshakes anymore. Has anyone been there recently who can tell me if they do? Otherwise we are going to enjoy Disney Springs dining, whether it be counter service or walk up table service. We never seem to spend enough time there and there is so much good stuff to eat there now!

On Monday, July 29th we move to Pop Century. We have 5 day hopper passes we will be converting to Annual Passes. We also have the Deluxe Dining Plan. We will be at each park one day and the last day we plan to hop around and hit all of them. There are two nights when Evening Extra Magic Hours are happening but I am VERY disappointed in the fact that there are much less EMH offered all together. Now you have to pay more money than the already ton you've spent to get extra time in parks.

We were planning to leave Friday night after dinner but then when I was not able to get fast passes for the best times, we made our dinner reservation later and decided to stay that night and leave in the morning. So we added on one night at Hilton Orlando Buena VIsta Palace. Again, a good way to check it out without booking a whole trip there yet. And then I added brunch on Saturday at House of Blues....which I have not actually seen listed as the Bayou Brunch yet.

After brunch we will head north. If we feel like stopping where ever we are for the night, we will. If not, we will drive straight through...but driving home isn't as much as driving to vacation.


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Apr 18, 2007
The Park Plan...

So Disney Springs is planned for the 26th and 27th. There is an H2O Glow Night Party at Typhoon Lagoon on the 26th but I am not sure about it. It is slightly more expensive that a day pass. I know I don't want to purchase in advance because if it is storming or something like that, we're stuck. But we could also just go to a water park on Sunday too. Plus we have not seen Toy Story 4 and will not be seeing Lion King before we arrive so it is totally possible we might catch a movie..last time we did that was Monsters Inc.!!! And i cannot remember the last time we bowled! Plus there is always mini-golf, which we've never done in The World. Skye is ALWAYS wanting to rent a Surrey Bike at one of the hotels and we just never have time...so maybe we'll have time now. Or maybe we'll relax at the pool, journey to Disney Springs for food and just plain relax!

Monday the 29th is our Hollywood Studios day. Hours are listed as 9am -9pm right now...with a Morning Magic thingy that you pay extra for.

Tuesday the 30th is our Magic Kingdom day. Hours are now 9am - 10pm with a Morning Magic thingy that you can pay extra for. Epcot has Extra Magic Hours tonight but only for two hours...so until 11pm...so If we feel like heading over there, that's a possibility.

Wednesday the 31st is our Epcot day. Hours are 9am - 9am at this time but Magic Kingdom has Extra Magic Hours until 12am so it is possible we will head over there later.

Thursday the 1st is Animal Kingdom day. Hours are listed as 9am - 10pm.

Friday the 2nd is our everything day. We are starting at Epcot, then probably hitting Animal Kingdom, than back to Hollywood Studios, and then Magic Kingdom...if we make them all. Epcot and Hollywood Studios are a must due to Fast Passes and dining...the other two are up in the air. At this time Epcot is open 9am - 9pm, Hollywood Studios is 9am - 9pm, Animal Kingdom is 9am - 10pm, and Magic Kingdom is 9am - 10pm (with Extra Magic Hours from 8am - 9am).

In general those hours really stink for peak summer time travel. It used to be the base hours would extend to be open so many more hours...and then there was an early and late Magic Hours at at least one park everyday. Now with the "give us more money" hours, there are not so many if them. So I am still hoping something will change in the next 8 days...but I am not holding my breath.

Saturday the 3rd is brunch and then head home. I suppose, since we will have our APs at that point we could run into someplace if we wanted to but it has to end sometime...

If we stop on the way home, I would like it to be by 5pm-ish or so so we can actually get some relaxation in. SO that is not really getting us vary far outside of Florida but it is heading in the right direction...we'll see what happens!
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    Nov 18, 2013
    We plan to swim and visit Disney Springs for the first two days. Hang out, relax...which we never seem to get to do much of on vacation. We have ADRs at Planet Hollywood and T-Rex for those two days. Not sure if we are keeping Planet Hollywood or not...we booked it because last time the food was good and MILKSHAKES....but looking at the menu, it does not look like they serve the crazy milkshakes anymore. Has anyone been there recently who can tell me if they do? Otherwise we are going to enjoy Disney Springs dining, whether it be counter service or walk up table service. We never seem to spend enough time there and there is so much good stuff to eat there now!
    I have not eaten at Planet Hollywood, but D-Luxe Burger has GREAT milkshakes. Their burgers are pretty delicious, too.


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    Apr 18, 2007
    Dining Anyone???

    Like I said we have Deluxe Dining again...YAY!

    ADRs were remarkably easy to get and I could have gotten the hard ones even...Ohana for finner (which we don't like), Cinderella's, Be Our Guest for dinner (eh), etc...if I had wanted to.

    So here's the important stuff...

    Planet Hollywood 7-27-19 @ 8:15pm

    T-Rex 7-28-19 @ 11:00am

    Sci-Fi 7-29-19 @ 11:00am 3
    Cape May Cafe 7-29-19 @ 5:50pm 4

    Crystal Palace 7-30-19 @ 8:10am' 4
    California Grill 7-30-19 @ 5:00pm 6

    Akershus 7-31-19 @ 8:10am 4
    Via Napoli 7-31-19 @ 2:00pm 3
    Coral Reef 7-31-19 @ 8:55pm 3

    Tuskerhouse 8-1-19 @ 10:30am 4
    Yak &Yeti 8-1-19 @ 8:30pm 3

    Garden Grill 8-2-19 @ 8:10am 4
    Mama Melrose 8-2-19 @ 1:45pm 4
    Narcoossees 8-2-19 @ 8:45pm 6

    House of Blues 8-3-19 @ 11:00am

    All of these are places and meals we have done before but most of them have been a while.

    Planet Hollywood may get scrapped because while it was a good meal, it was an expensive one if you're not on a dining plan, and at that time we will not be. So, it still may get cancelled in lieu of better options and more flexibility.

    Even at 20 and 15 the kids still ask for T-Rex every time. We have Rainforest Cafes around here so we never go to them in Orlando but T- Rex is a different story!

    As you can see by the numbers to the right, we do not intend to use four or eight credits at all meals.

    Like at Sci-Fi, Skye usually does not want any of the entrees so she will get the wings appetizer and share anything else she does want and the rest of us will order for the rest of the credits. She loves the venue and if she does not feel full, there are snack credits to use up. And then, like at California Grill, her favorite is the Kid's Mac & Cheese...so she will get that and we'll pay out of pocket for it. She will share the other things we all order too. So she has never left hungry. She and I usually share a lot. Deluxe Dining is a lot of food!

    House of Blues is new for us...I reserved through Open Table because the Disney site did not have any times listed for the Bayou Brunch. I have never used Open Table before. Skye went to the House of Blues with choir when they were on a weekend trip to Downtown Chicago and she said it was fun. So hopefully this one is the same before we head home. This will be out of pocket too!


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    Apr 18, 2007
    Fast Passes??? We got 'em!

    Now, fast passes were a bit more difficult that ADRs but I did get everything I wanted...just not when I wanted necessarily.

    July 29, 2019...Monday

    Toy Story Mania 9:45am - 10:45am
    Rock 'n' Rollercoaster 1:25pm - 2:25pm
    Star Tours 2:40pm - 3:40pm

    July 30, 2019...Tuesday

    Space Mountain 9:00am - 10:00am
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 10:25am - 11:12am
    Splash Mountain 12:10pm - 1:10pm

    July 31, 2019...Wednesday

    Soarin' 10:55am - 11:55am
    Mission : Space 11:55am - 12:55pm
    Spaceship Earth 1:00pm - 2:00pm

    August 1, 2019...Thursday

    Expedition Everest 9:05am - 10:05am
    The Animation Experience 1:45pm - 2:10pm
    Flight of Passage 3:15pm - 4:15pm

    August 2, 2019...Friday

    Rock 'n' Rollercoaster 12:35pm - 1:35pm
    Star Tours 3:10pm - 4:10pm
    Slinky Dog Dash 4:25pm - 5:25pm

    So, I do not find getting more fast passes after the first three easy. I do not seem to be able to move my fast passes around as easily as people make it sound. I keep hearing about a "refresh method" but I don't really know what that entails. I have always heard that once you have the fast pass it is easier to change the times...not for me.

    Like ideally, Flight of Passage would be earlier in the day. My ankles tend to swell as the day goes on and my best bet of riding is earlier in the day. On the second, the only fast pass we are really concerned with is Slinky Dog Dash. This is the first time we have been able to get one or to ride. if we miss the others, it's not a big deal.

    I am not a fan of the fast pass plus. I liked the old paper fast passes where you had to go to the ride and stick your ticket in to get a return time. Life was so much easier back then. I think this new way makes the lines longer for rides/attractions that we normally would not see lines.
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    Apr 18, 2007
    3 DAYS TO GO...and I cancelled Planet Hollywood. I checked the ADR availability and I can still get a lot of ADRs for Saturday and Sunday so we decided to play it by ear for Saturday night.

    We are throwing around the idea of The Void (Star Wars, although Skye thinks Ralph looks like more fun), Seeing Lion King or Toy Story 4, bowling, mini-golf, and surreys. Also, gonna play that by ear and see what we feel like. We may just hang out and swim...who knows???

    Skye cleaned the van out today and we are mostly packed but we're at that awkward stage where it feels like we're forgetting something but cannot figure out what that would be.

    So we really just want to go NOW...but have ot be satisfied with three more days!


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    Apr 18, 2007
    So I was going back and forth about putting all three trips in one Trip Report or not. I think I am going to do it!

    So you know the WHO and WHAT.

    WHERE & WHEN :

    December 20, 2019 through January 1, 2020 at All-Star Movies.

    I initially only booked until December 29th and then realized what says the holidays were on and how our work schedule would be and had Wendy add until the 1st! It's not hard to convince me. She was still able to get the extra days...which kind of surprised me with all the hype about Star Wars and it being over New Years but I was happy she could! It is a room only package in case I want to add dining or anything but at this time we are going without dining and we will have the Annual Pass from the trip in 3 days (!!!) so we do not need tickets (which exempts us from the free dining offer we might have been able to get in under. Wendy was able to save us money when the room only discounts came out...not much but it is money all the same! We initially had a preferred room booked but we had to change to a standard room for the discount but that's not a huge deal...our last few trips we have had cruddy room locations and we lived. The actual discount was only about $75.00 but because of the change of room location we are saving about $350.00...so for $350.00 I can change from a preferred to a standard and not be too bothered by it! And Wendy did say that this discount was more than the Annual Pass discount would be.

    HOW :

    Well, we're driving again Skye's last final will be Thursday afternoon (December 19, 2019) so we'll pick her up from school and go...much like this trip! I would have loved that when i was younger!!! We will drive straight through and should arrive early morning on December 20th.

    So TRIP #2 is 150 days from today and it feels so weird to have three countdowns going all at the same time...but very exciting!


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    Apr 18, 2007
    Magic Bands!!!

    After not being able to get more than one of our choices the last time around I was not hopeful on getting what we wanted for any other trips but that does not mean i don't keep trying. I am not keen on spending $25.00 or more on a Magic Band but $10.00 I can do. So on the morning of July 3, 2019 I saw a Facebook post saying there was a lot more inventory on the Magic Bands so I went in to check it out!

    We all had our favorites and seconds and thirds but I was super surprised when i was able to get these ...

    Skye is the Sorcerer Mickey, Cary is Groot and Rocket, Tyler is Slinky Dog, and I am Nightmare Before Christmas!

    Cary got Darth Vader for this trip (it was his first choice) and then the Guardians one was his first choice for this trip. Sorcerer Mickey was one of Skye's first choices. I could not get any of Tyler's favorites (BB8 or Baymax) and none of the other cool ones would work either so he ended up with Slinky by default...he isn't thrilled but he's good with it...and I like it! And Jack and Sally were not one of my first choices either...but after I thought about it, it is perfect for a Christmas trip!

    And we got the SAME, EXACT luggage tags as last time...so maybe they do only have three versions???

    They arrived two days after ordering...don't know how, that seems awfully quick but there they were!


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    Apr 18, 2007
    At 180 days I found making ADRs super easy again!

    I am finding more really short park hours that used to be much longer but I an still holding out hope that they will change closer to the days. I did not really figure out any park touring yet other than a very basic outline making sure we can get enough time everywhere. We are not doing the dining plan and most likely are not getting a Tables in Wonderland card so dining will be out of pocket. However, I am planning a lot of table service meals. At that time of the year, I think that is important. With the crowds and heat, having a place to sit and be waited on rather than fighting crowds for tables and such, is worth the cost! Plus it is fun planning.

    For the TRIP #1 we went with places we have been and liked but most of them have been a while. For TRIP #2 we are hitting either places we have never been or that it has been a whole since we have been or that we like but feel are a waste of a dining plan for us. I went with parks I thought we would be in those days but having an Annual Pass and knowing we will have plenty of time throughout the year to do and see what ever we want makes it much easier to not worry about it so much! So here is what I have at this time...

    December 20, 2019

    Terralina Crafted Italian @7:30pm
    We have never been here.

    December 21, 2019

    Trail's End @1pm
    We have been her for an impromptu Dinner a while ago so this Brunch sounds good!
    Sebastian's Bistro @8:05pm

    New to us, we did have an ADR last time and i ended up cancelling for something else more convenient.

    December 22, 2019

    Diamond Horseshoe @1pm
    We have never been here.
    The Plaza @6:50pm
    We have been here multiple times but it has been a while and the menu has changed a bit so should be interesting.

    December 23, 2019

    Boma @5pm
    LOVE Boma but it's been a while so we're excited!

    December 24, 2019 - CHRISTMAS EVE

    Spice Road Table @1pm
    We have never been here. I'm not sure anyone else but me is excited about this one because they are all wimps and don't like to try new things but I do so they will!
    Rose & Crown @7:15pm
    The kids and I had a dinner there YEARS ago...corner table on the patio with a great view of Illuminations. The options are kind of limited, I think, but what we have had there was good so here we go again!

    December 25, 2019 - CHRISTMAS DAY

    Tiffins @1pm
    We ate here once before on the dining plan. We liked it but there was not a lot on the appetizer menu that we wanted (two of ours were chosen because we wanted them and the other two were chosen because we could) and we did not need more than one dessert. Skye would be happier with the kid's menu or sharing here so while we liked it, it does not seem like a good value for us on the dining plan...so here we are!
    Raglan Road @8:30pm
    I have had this on the list and off the list so many times I cannot count! I love the thought of it, Cary is Irish, Skye is a dancer...but I go back and forth on what everyone would eat. With them being somewhat picky I never wanted to waste a dining plan credit here. But I am now thinking that we will go and get what we want and if they end up not eating much we can always pick up someting later....I think we will all enjoy it here!

    December 26, 2019

    Liberty Tree Tavern @12:05pm
    The kids and I have been here. It was ok. I am not a crazy fan like a lot of other people are but I think it is time to give it a try again. The Dinner menu does not appeal to me so we do lunch.
    Ale & Compass @7pm

    The kids and I have been here for lunch and dinner back when it was Captain's Grill and we really liked it. So now it is time to bring Cary back and to experience it in it's new form...I hear it is really good!

    December 27, 2019

    Tutto Italia @11:30am
    We have all been here before but the last time was our first Christmas trip five years ago-ish. THe kids and I used to go a lot...Skye used to call it "Little-Knee"...I guess that is what she thought it sounded like we were saying when we said we were eating in Italy!

    Le Cellier @7:05pm
    We have been here multiple times and we love it. Cary has only been once.

    December 28, 2019 - CARY'S 46TH BIRTHDAY!

    Yak & Yeti @1pm
    I think we may have eaten here on every trip. It is one of Cary's favorites and we can all find things we like here!
    50s Prime Time @7pm
    We have been here a few times and like it so it is always a good bet...

    December 29, 2019 - TYLER'S 21ST BIRTHDAY!

    'Ohana @10:45am'
    We all love 'Ohana for breakfast...we DO NOT like it for dinner (we tried to like it twice) and what could be better than meeting Stitch for your 21st brithday breakfast???
    Teppan Edo @8:20pm

    This is one of Tyler's favorites. We have made it to Teppan Edo on most of our trips lately.

    December 30, 2019

    Chef Mickey's @7am
    It's been a long time but we have all been here for breakfast. We generally do not like buffets for any meal other than breakfast and we think CHef Mickey's for breakfast is great!
    Skipper Canteen @11:50am

    This is another place like Tiffins (although we have been here more than Tiffins) where we like it but don't think it is a good use of dining credits for us. There are limited appetizeds we MUST have and the choices we might make are much less than what we would be entitled to on the dining plan so we like this place out of pocket!
    Tony's Town Square @7:05pm

    Contrary to popular belief, we think Tony's is decent. But, we like Olive Garden and Ragu out of a jar so take that for what it's worth. We have all eaten here a lot so we're happy to be going back.

    December 31, 2019 - NEW YEAR'S EVE

    San Angel Inn @12pm
    We have been here a couple of times over the span of the last 20 years. It has been on and off based upon mostly the kid's willingness to eat Mexican. Skye still just mostly likes Quesadillas but Ty has ventured out a bit so the last time we were here was on New Year's Eve a couple of years ago and we had a great meal and a wonderful waitress...so we will be back again.
    Nine Dragons @8:20pm
    This is brand new for us. I have wanted to try it various times but just like Mexican, Chinese is a recent acquirement on the list of things the kids will eat! And there is not a lot of info out about it. I have read some good reviews over the years though and this time I actually made the reservation...hopefully it lasts!

    January 1, 2020 - NEW YEAR'S DAY

    1900 Park Fare @11:10am
    We all love it here but it hasn't made the cut lately...so we'll hit a late breakfast before we head home.

    So we have a lot of dining planned and a lot of time left before we go so who knows if it will look the same by that time or not! I am waiting on the new Space Themed restaurant opening so I think that might change. I was looking forward to the new Japanese place but I don't think it is our style, especially at those prices and length of meal. We will also be dependent on what happens with Galaxy's Edge before we get there...that might change some things too, because obviously we want to be there too!



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    Apr 18, 2007

    And Skye came home from her Honors Physics class yesterday and had some good news. Remember how tomorrow we were picking her up from her final at 11:55am? Well last semester they went to class on midterm day, reviewed the material for the final and then took the final...getting out an hour early at 11:55am. WELL, apparently the school will have no water in the building tomorrow so they are coming in, taking the final and leaving...which means WE ARE LEAVING AT 9:15am!!!

    I know, I know...what's the big deal? It's only two and a half hours...but IT'S TWO AND A HALF HOURS EARLY FOR VACATION!!!

    I just hope that does not mess with our plan to avoid Atlanta at rush hour! But unless we get caught up earlier, I don't think it should, even though rush hour in Atlanta is about 7 hours long...LOL! And we should be in Orlando by about 6am on Saturday morning! Not a problem, because we're there, but what to do what to do???

    I am not sure if the Double Tree will have rooms available that early or if they would even allow entry without charging another night since it is so early. I am not opposed to resting in the car for a while...I am used to waiting around at dance and Nutcracker for Skyler for HOURS! And eventually we can head to breakfast. And I assume we can head to the pool eventually...although it would really be nice to get into a room and get a proper nap in!


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    Apr 18, 2007
    So we have not done an autograph book in years. We have done just plain books, the encyclopedia ones, we have made ones with pictures of the kids with the characters from the previous visits, etc...

    This time Skye decided we needed to do it again. So she made a book with all the characters we expect to see at meals and a few extras we hope to see. She also left some extra blank pages at the end for unexpected visitors!

    I think Tink is still getting a lantern but we got side tracked last night by window decorations...which you;ll have to wait to see until we get to Pop on Monday!


    Oct 1, 2014
    HEY Stranger!!! Its so good to see life has treated you well! I remember the 1st trip planning for camping when Disney had been on the backburner for so long. I can't wait to follow along and see what goodies you get into <3