Official Disney Cake Chatter - Part V!


Nov 25, 2018
@crowellaf Disney's fondant is actually top-of-the line Carma Massa Ticino that is not only quite edible, it tastes like marshmallows! I can't tell you how many people have raved about it over the years, and you may find that it is not wasted after all!
I am normally not a fan of fondant, but went out on a limb for a Haunted Mansion cake a few years back and everyone loved it. A total change of heart.


Earning My Ears
Oct 28, 2011
I've been a lurker on the Cake Chatter threads for years so I'm thrilled to have just placed an order for my first cake. I've never had an "excuse" before, but this year I'll be celebrating my birthday at Disney (and celebrating me and my parents being fully vaccinated).

I called the GF private dining line and selected the custom cake option. No one answered so I sent an email to the address in the recording and received a call back a few hours later. I worked with Julie today, texting photos back and forth while she spoke directly to the baker. We settled on a 6" chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut crunch filling. The outside will be Cheshire cat themed with striped fondant and buttercream piping and there will be a printed white chocolate Cheshire cat on top. I'm having it delivered to Narcoosse's for my dinner reservation. I received an email confirmation with an invoice shortly after we hung up.

I can't wait to see (and eat!) it and I'll definitely follow-up with pics!


Earning My Ears
Feb 23, 2021
We are headed to Disney in April for my son's 5th birthday. He is totally train obsessed and can't wait to tell Goofy not to hit the switch track on MMRR! We would like to order a cake for his birthday the first night we are there and I have contacted GF. They are waiting to hear if they have permission to use MMRR theming. They mentioned we could send other ideas for a back up, but I have yet to see a good disney world train cake example. If MMRR is not available he would definitely still be satisfied with a WDW train or BTMR train theme. Has anyone seen/had anything similar made in the past. Thanks!


Oct 14, 2019
I’m thinking of ordering a custom mini cake for my upcoming birthday trip, and I’d like to test my understanding of the process.

I have a dinner reservation at Beaches & Cream on my birthday, so I would call the Yacht & Beach Club number listed at the beginning of the thread, correct?
And I would just tell them I want a chocolate mini cake with buttercream icing and a Maleficent theme?

Are there any other decisions I need to make ahead of time? I have some phone anxiety and some trouble processing what people say to me, so being prepared for questions helps me. Thanks!!

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