Newport Bay Club FAQ & Information Thread

wendy UK

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Oct 22, 2006
You get free tea and coffee provided in your room but need to ask for it, ring room service. You get a pack and kettle but we had to ring twice before it came! Admirals club paid for itself through the free towels each day. Don't know if standard rooms are any different but room was lovely and less than 5 mins from reception. :yay:


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Mar 30, 2005
did you get any extra perks in your room at all?
Jane x
We had fresh flowers in the bathroom, bathrobes and a hairdryer. Also had seperate shampoo and bubble bath, not the all in one stuff we've had in the other hotels, bath and face size soaps.
Belgian chocolates in the room and cuddly toys on the kids beds, we had the Captains Quarters breakfast, but I haven't heard anyone mention this recently, so I assume they're not doing it anymore, great shame , it was a real bonus.

I loved the Newport Bay Club and thought the upgrade to Admiral's floor was well worth it. :goodvibes


Jun 30, 2004
Belgian chocolates in the room and cuddly toys on the kids beds,

People don't seam to be mentioning this any more:confused3
Jane x


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Jun 25, 2007
Belgian chocolates in the room and cuddly toys on the kids beds,

People don't seam to be mentioning this any more:confused3
Jane x
When I was there in June, we stayed on Admiral's Floor. We did have chocolates on the pillows each evening after turn-down service. We didn't get any cuddly toys for the kids, though. I vaguely remember reading about that before going, and was vaguely surprised when we didn't see anything. But I didn't give it much thought.

We didn't use the pool, so I don't know about the towels. I'm also not sure about the Captains Quarters breakfast. We ate breakfast each day in the Cape Cod buffet, which was fine and we could go at any time we wanted (the earlier the better - it gets crowded). It sounds like if you're not on the Admiral's Floor, you get an assigned time for breakfast, but I don't know for sure.

Mrs Mouse

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May 29, 2006
We have 4 children, and I have been struggling to find a room in one of the Disney hotels which will sleep 6. Can you tell me a bit more about this room....did you get the VIP fastpasses? Would it comfortably fit 6...2 adults, a 17yr old, 15yr old, 11yr old and a six yr old? bed arrangements? etc!
We're Back! Thanks to Rob and everyone who gave advice - it all helped towrds a fabulous trip. The NBC is a lovely hotel, but the facilities are not enough to cope with all the people staying there!
Luckily we were on the Admirals Floor, in one of the rooms that fits 6 people, so we have our breakfast delivered to us. This am, I came down especially early for a last sortie with my children to be faced with a flood of people heading to the Convention Center for their breakfast as the 2 hotel restaurants could not cope with the flow of people at 8.30 am !
On our first night, I booked mid pm for a table in the hotel for dinner to be told it was fully booked. However, the bookings staff directed us towards the Sequoia, where we had a meal in the Hunters Lodge. From then on, dinner was booked 24 hours in advance, I can tell you !
In all, the staff were wonderful - full of useful suggestions and nothing was too much trouble. It did seem to me however that being organised, reading Simon's book from cover to cover several times, AND SPEAKING FRENCH really helped too......

Will report on other findings - must get all that washing done first....



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Mar 30, 2005
Hi, I'm 99% sure that the family rooms at both Newport Bay Club and the Disneyland Hotel sleep a maximum of 5 and 1 infant (under 3), so you're group wouldn't be able to book them.
Have you considered the Explorers hotel ?
Where you just add on a little annex room with bunk beds to your standard room to sleep 6.
Or booking 2 adjoining Disney rooms, we've done this twice.
There is a lockable door in each room and you just open them both up, you may find this a better option for the extra space and additional bathroom facilities too. :goodvibes
  • thelittlemermaid83

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    Aug 14, 2007
    I was recently upgraded to this hotel from orginially booking the Cheyenne.

    The hotel lobby was very busy but this was probably due to it being a bank holiday in france and they was probably taking all the overbookings from the Cheyenne etc.

    Our room was about a 10min walk from the lift which was a bit of a pain but when i saw the room i was blown away it was HUGE. Also had a patio door which opened up on to the river which was lovely.
    The room only had one large kingsize bed so i called housekeeping who sent a cot down for DD(2) and it arrived within 10 mins. I was very impressed.

    I would deffo stay in this hotel again, and will be booking it for our trip next year.


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    Apr 6, 2008
    Just a quick question :) Has anybody stayed on the admirals floor recently? If so do you still get your choclates in your room? or any other "extras"??

    vincent magic

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    Mar 29, 2008
    this is one of the most prettiest hotels toghetter with the Disneyland hotel.
    very nice theme and nice detailed hotel. the prices are not to expensive and you are sure to have a great stay.

    Welsh *Disney* Girlz

    May 8, 2003
    I know there aren't kettles in the room but can you ask for one from Housekeeping?
    If you can get one do they provide tea, coffe, mugs etc or should I take my own?
    I love my cup of tea first thing in the morning and have my own travel kettle which I could take along but as I'm trying to cut down on what I'm taking it would be great if I could leave out the kettle and put in more shoes!
  • A Small World

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    Feb 22, 2007
    Ive never stayed at NPB but can tell you there are no kettles in the room however I assume you can hire one as you can in other hotels but I suppose its not guaranteed there will be one.
    I think you can buy a starter pack (tea bags/coffe/powdered milk) but I dont think they provide mugs.
    We always take our own but you could either take a very old/cheap one which you leave there so makes room coming home or buy a souvenir one there.
    You can buy tea bags etc there but I always take my own- dont take much space. We buy milk from the station or hotel shop and keep in cold in either the sink or ice bucket.

    Im sure someone who's stayed at NPB will correct me if Im wrong


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    Aug 23, 2008
    Admirals floor - you get a hair drier and a voucher for a kettle and drinks kit, you can keep it as long as you are there. I think you can rent the kit in any room. The kity has a couple each tea bags coffee sachets etc, we took our own tea bags anyway. You only has long life milk so if you like proper milk in your tea you'll need to get it elsewhere (and keep it in the mini bar). Also you only get paper cups.


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    Apr 1, 2006
    If you stay on the admiral's floor you get a kettle and a free starter pack which you have to collect from the shop. No chocolates though.


    May 22, 2008
    hi, we are staying on the Admiral's floor and was wondering how much the internet was to use. Something to do whilst DD is asleep.


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    Jun 3, 2007
    I received a free upgrade to the Newport Bay Club when I arrived at my original hotel, the Santa Fe, on 6th october 2008. Of course I said yes please!

    The lakeside entrance to the hotel is just beautiful, as are the public areas, reception, bar, restaurants etc. It did seem to take quite a while for us to get checked in - we waited behind only a handful of guests for at least 20 minutes. But, that done, we collected our luggage from the conciergerie and headed off to find our rooms.

    Our rooms were on the 1st floor in the East Wing. I feel that this wing is in need of some TLC I’m afraid. To begin with, only 3 of the 5 lifts were working during our whole stay. Our rooms were near the end of the East Wing, which was quite a trek, past the swimming pool and games arcade. The corridors there need touching up, wallpaper beginning to peel etc. When we reached our rooms, unfortunately 2 of the lights in my room didn’t work, and the patio doors, once opened, could not be locked again. I had to call maintenance 3 times in total before these things were fixed, at 11pm (which included the maintenance guy taking a light switch off the wall, exposing bare wires, and leaving it like that for about 30 minutes, right next to the bed where my daughter and niece were trying to sleep). The bathroom was also looking dreary - marks around the top of the bath, on the tiles, mangy grout etc. Our rooms at the Newport Bay Club were no bigger than at the Santa Fe or Cheyenne. The only addition I could see in the rooms was the dressing area next to the bathroom.

    I think if you had a recently-refurbished room, and used the pool frequently during your stay, this hotel would be lovely. The only advantage for our party over the Santa Fe or the Cheyenne however, was the proximity of the Newport Bay Club to the Village and the Parks. A 5-minute walk rather than a 15-minute one (advantage cancelled out slighty though by the easily 5-minute extra trek to our room from the entrance of the hotel).


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    May 23, 2009
    We stayed at this hotel from the 5th of August to the 9th 2009. Having stayed at this hotel in 2006 and thoroughly enjoying it we didn't hesitate to book it again. We booked a standard room and contemplated upgrading the week before to the admiral floor but never did. Boy we wish we had!!:sad2:
    As we were driving to the hotel with RS Transport we seen the start of the hotel that seemed to go on for ages, we joked that one of them rooms would probably be ours! It was no joke when we got there!:sad2: I had phoned prior to our arrival to ask for a room in the main building as we had two young children as was told to ask at the desk upon your arrival. I did so but was still given a room that was a good 10-15 minute walk from reception at the end of the night with two tired kids! When we got to the room it looked ok but when we got in we notice we were right on the road and the noisy traffic could be heard. There were a few tree's but even they had red and white tape around them showing they were unstable! The cupboard at the sinks door would not cloe properly so the children kept hurting their legs on it. There are 4 lights above the bed only 1 was working, and the wallpaper was ripped on one of the walls. I know it might sound like I'm just picking but I was just expecting a lot more for what I had paid. I'm not sure if they're mean't to replace the shampoos but we used our shampoo and bubble bath on the 1st night and they were never replenished.
    The main problem I had with this hotel was one day I brought my son back for a nap. After walking all the way back to the hotel there was signs up to say they were relaying the carpet. I asked a member of staff to show me how I could get to my room and they gave me directions to another staircase. I got to this staircase to be shouted at by a worker because they were working on this part of the carpet too. :headache:I went back to way I came to speak to another member of staff. They gave me the same directions and when I tried to explain I couldn't get up that way they just huffed and puffed and passed me on to another member of staff who then told me the same directions!:headache: I asked the member of staff to take me and when we got there they finally apologised and said I was right but then said it would be half an hour before I could get to my room!:headache: Meanwhile I have left DH with my purse so couldn't even get us a drink in the bar!!!:mad:
    Finally got to my room and only had half an hour before I had to get to our reservation, no sleep for Ethan then!:headache:
    I also had asked when I got there for the Good morning fantasyland breakfast and was told by 3 members of staff people in the Newport bay could not have breakfast in the park. Breakfast was held in the convention centre which was the complete opposite end of the hotel to our room, we needed to go back to sleep after that hike!:lmao: I thought it was also ridiculous the pool only opened at 3:scared1:, it was heaving and I really thought if it was open for longer hours it would be less busy throughout the day.
    The hotel from the outside of the lake looked a bit shabby and in need of a good lick of paint. I have some lovely pics of our last trip but this time the hotel just looked in need of repair. Also a lot of the lights walking over the bridge to the hotel in the night were out. I'm not sure if this is the hotels fault but the night me and DD stayed for the fireworks I really didn't like walking back in the dark.
    I know now I should have booked for the Admiral room and maybe I would have got a better room in the main building with the perks but I also thought why should you pay extra when the rooms in this hotel already cost a lot!
    I would not recommend this hotel to anyone now and it's such a shame because our last visit was so lovely and we were raving about the hotel for months afterwards.:sad2:


    Jun 10, 2008
    We have just come back from our stay at the Newport Bay, Admiral Floor....

    I will start with a positive ;) and say how much we loved the theming of this hotel, thought it fab.

    Check in for the A/F as mentioned before is a seperate desk, check in was speedy, but unfortunately we werent really informed of the benefits for the A/F so I had to ask and check later in the day!

    Our room was in the east wing but on level 6 and didnt have a great view, not as central as I had hoped as it was still a trek.

    Our room was clean on arrival, but a 'buttercup' mentioned on the above post the toiletries were not replaced the whole time we were there.
    There is a hairdryer in the room, and you are given a voucher for the tea/coffee but you have to ring 'room service' for them to bring it to your room, tbh we didnt bother!
    Also,during our stay only one day the ice machine was worked on our floor.

    We made breakfast for 7.30am and had no problems with queuing or getting a table, and no seperate room for A/F guests, breakfast pretty basic, must admit I did miss a cooked brekkie!

    Tbh Im not sure it was worth the upgrade to the A/F, I was hoping for a better location for the room, having 5 year old twins! From what we can work out the benefits are free towels for the pool, voucher for tea/coffee and you can have your bags taken to your room.......but like I said we did like the theming! ;)


    Earning My Ears
    Apr 21, 2009
    We stayed here from 30th aug for 3nts . We loved the hotel and found it clean and refreshing . We had a admirals room and check in was quick and easy ( was a long queue for standard check in ) .The room was clean and well decorated , we stayed on 7th floor , room had a lake view and short walk to lifts ( there were 5 and we never had to wait more than a minute for a lift to come ) There was ice machine on each floor and a ice bucket in room ( used to cool juice ) . Room had two double beds,wardrobe,drawers,small table with two chairs,telephone,mini safe,bath and shower . A small shampoo and bath gel were provided , along with hairdryer,kettle,two postcards,2 paper cups and stirer,coffee machine,tv and tissues.

    We had b/fast at 7.30 and it was very quiet . Usual selection of croissants,ham,cheese,yoghurts( activia) ,fruit salad,juice,hot drinks machine etc .

    Pool was lovely and clean. Was warm ( pool temp 29deg). Changing rooms ( 10 of them) are unisex so good for familys ,lockers and towels were free for admirals floor guests and collected at pool reception. Loads of floats,swim belts and arm bands available to use. Adequate sun loungers around outside pool.

    we didnt use any of bars or restaurant on evening so cannot comment.

    Check out was quick and luggage storage easy to use.

    Overall fab stay and would return. would only upgrade to admirals again if paying around £12 prpn to do so , otherwise too expensive for what you get.