1. E

    SSR preferred or standard with 2 little kids.......

    We will be staying the second week of September and will be the first time staying with DVC. We will have a 15 month old and 5 year old at that time and don't know if it is worth it to just use the extra points for a preferred room. We honestly have only been on the property when we did our DVC...
  2. riversend22

    Best 1 bedroom resort with kids - no parks?

    Hey everyone. Looking for some expertise. My family of 4 (DH, DS 4, and DS 2) are heading down to Florida in the latter half of April to visit some family. After our visit, we are planning on booking a hotel somewhere for a few nights to have some more fun just us. Because my kids aren't used...
  3. G

    Which Disney Resorts have Outside Entrances to Rooms?

    We have not been to Disney since Covid began. We are thinking about going back for a few days but don't want to stay in a hotel that has interior hallways. Which Disney hotels/resorts have outside/open air entrances to the rooms? Ideally, we wanted to stay on the boardwalk but I believe all of...
  4. mrsfenskie

    Coronado Springs - Dining Question

    Hi neighbors, My family has an upcoming stay at Coronado Springs and we are wondering about the availability of Quick Service options currently being offered. We were notified that El Mercado was closed a few months back. Has anyone been there recently that can advise on whether there are any...
  5. J.J.

    MDE Question - Back to Back ressies

    Hey everyone. I am have question regarding two linked reservations on my MDE account. We are going to WDW in December. We check in on December 1st. and have a DVC reservation (rented points) at Kidani Village, and I have already purchased tickets and linked them to my MDE account. Here is the...
  6. J

    Golf courses

    looking to golf at either magnolia or lake Buena vista. Has anyone played both and can give pros and cons to either?
  7. T


    If you are staying at one resort, but would like to visit another with a car... do you have to pay for parking even if you are only going for a few hours?
  8. H

    All Star Movies Rooms

    I will be staying at All Star Movies starting this Friday and had a few questions/wonderings about the resort. First, does anyone know about the status of the renovations for the rooms? I just looked at Disney’s site and noticed the room pictures were of the new rooms, leading me to believe...
  9. Ducky'sMom

    Choices, choices. Looking for somewhere outside of Beach Club. <3

    Hello everyone! I finally get to start thinking about our 2020 trip(s)! (Though to be honest, I never stopped.) When deciding a resort last year, I thought poly would be where we’d want to go, but the TA I used had a great quote for Beach Club. I’d never heard of it and it seemed the least...
  10. D

    First timer - Please help, I’m going round in circles choosing a resort ..

    Hello all, Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. I’m currently planning a trip in 2020 and looking at September time. My boyfriend and I will be travelling and are looking to stay at a moderate resort. We are 25 and it will be both of our first time at Disney. All the advice I have...
  11. happilyeverafterdw

    Booking Resort for Thanksgiving, Minimal Moderates Showing Up?

    Hi everyone, I am planning on visiting WDW for Thanksgiving. I am planning on staying for 2-3 days. I will have an annual pass at the time, however, I am not getting the pass until this summer after I move to FL. I was planning to use some AP discount to book the room. I did just notice however...
  12. S

    Hotel Room during Disney Fairytale Wedding

    Hello! I am planning a Disney Fairytale Wedding for December 2019. We are in the very early stages of planning. We are 99% sure on having our ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion and our reception at the Grand Floridian. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations of where to stay before and...
  13. W

    In-Room Celebrations- worth it or not? ?

    We are spending Christmas at port Orleans riverside and are looking at doing one of the Christmas themed in-room celebrations as a surprise Christmas eve night. We have 3 kids (a boy and 2 girls) and noticed that the packages pre selected items dont really cater to us having 2 girls and a boy...
  14. ljandbucket

    DLP Resort Recommendation

    Looking to use DVC points for a three night stay in late July. Looking for any recommendations regarding the onsite properties. DL hotel likely out of the budget but any of the others are in play. Seen mixed reviews on all of the resorts from a number of different sites so appreciate any...
  15. BriLovesDisney

    Port Orleans Riverside?

    Hi All, We are super excited to be going back to Disney this coming December and have decided to try out a moderate resort instead of a deluxe or value. We are thinking about staying at Port Orleans Riverside (Royal Room). For those of you who have stayed at Port Orleans - Riverside what are...
  16. BriLovesDisney

    Experiences at Swan & Dolphin?

    Hello, We are thinking about changing our reservation for next December to the Dolphin to save some $. I was wondering how it differs from staying at a Disney resort. I understand that you get the same benefits as staying at a Disney resort, is this correct? If you've stayed there, how was it...
  17. BriLovesDisney

    Is Grand Floridian Worth it?

    Hello all! We are planning a college graduation trip to Disney for next December. We booked the GF using a BB offer and got a lagoon view. None of us have ever stayed at the GF before but it's always been a resort we've wanted to stay at, especially for a special occasion. However, we could...
  18. A

    My Vision for Disneyland's Future

    (Please forgive the outdated satellite view, it was the all that I could find.) I feel like Disneyland had a lot of dumb things happen to it in the 90's. I feel like since then, the park has been kind of broken and incomplete. With upcoming renovation rumors and new lands coming up, we may be...
  19. IronFozzie

    Disney Resorts Switching to Paperless Registration?

    A friend of mine sent me an image tonight of a new credit card reader at the front desk of animal kingdom lodge. It has replaced the old mickey mouse touch to pay devices and has a large screen like the credit card reader you'd see at Publix, with a stylus pen to sign with. It would appear that...
  20. WDWINFO-Polynesian-Village-Z-Club-Disney-002


    Concept art and promotional images from Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.