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  1. B

    Brittany & Francisco's Planning Journal - June 20, 2021 WP/II/AAR

    Hi everyone! I've always loved reading everyone's planning journals and after being in a funk of wedding planning (thanks covid 🙄), I thought creating a planning journal might be a nice way to get excited about planning again. Quick background on us, Francisco and I met about 6 years ago when...
  2. J

    Bar Package Question

    For any past Disney Brides...I’m planning on a 4 hour reception and I asked my consultant this question, but she was not very clear. If I have a 4 hour bar package and use an hour for the pre reception that leaves me with 3 hours for the reception so will Disney allow me to close the bar for an...
  3. J

    Disney Wedding Pre-Reception Venue Fee?

    To anyone who has had a wedding Disney World, do you know if I would have to pay a separate fee for the venue? I'm planning on getting married in the Wedding Pavilion and have my reception at the Grand Floridian Ballrooms. My consultant told me that my pre-reception would be held in the...
  4. M

    wedding planning - unanswered emails/vague answers?

    When I first contacted Disney, they would call/email right away. When dealing with Pam Pearce ( wedding consultant) she usually responded a few hours after I sent an email. once was placed with a “wedding team” I emailed and asked for an introduction call For the following week to go over a few...
  5. K

    Kaitlyn & Christian Wishes Japan/GM Lounge- 12/1/2019

    HELLO! It's been exactly 44 days since my dream Disneyland Proposal & the ball is already rolling for our dream Disney Fairytale Wedding! :rotfl: I hesitated at first about starting this thread already because my date/venues aren't 100% confirmed yet, but I am pretty confident that it will all...
  6. lurkyloo

    The Lurkyloos' Tiki Dino-Versary Party at Universe of Energy!

    It has been a loooooooooooong time since my last trip report, so please forgive me if I'm a little rusty. I haven't really had anything that exciting to write about for the last few years ... until now! Every year when the anniversary of our Epcot wedding rolls around, I rack my brains about...
  7. fallonkendra

    A Cause For Celebration: A Wedding, A Marathon & A 30th Birthday - January 2018 Update:12/28

    I know it's a little early to be starting this PTR, and I really wanted to be farther along with my trip report/dining report from our January 2017 trip before I started writing this, but I need a place to keep everything straight, and this seemed like the best option! Let's rewind for a bit...
  8. vamassey1

    So Much to Celebrate. . a Disney Wedding, 30th Anniversary & Easter 2015 Updated 3/29

    That's right this trip report has an actual Disney Wedding, a very small one but still a Disney Wedding. I've only done 2 trip reports previous to this and it's been several years since I've done one so be patient with me. I know it's been more than a year since our trip but it was such a...
  9. lurkyloo

    Aulani to WDW: The Lurkyloos' Anniversary Vow Renewal: THRILLING CONCLUSION 8/5!

    This is the story of our anniversary trip to Aulani and Walt Disney World, starting with our Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings vow renewal and six days at Aulani and ending up in Orlando for Disney’s Fairy Tales Weddings’ Bridal Showcase plus a dessert-less anniversary dessert party in Epcot’s Italy...